"Greater Love hath no man than this. That
he lay down his life for his friends." This
is to die to the mind and soul of the flesh.
Be spiritually born and serve God and
Christ in the dissemination of the word
in a living way of truth.
EOM Ida Mingle

Ida Mingle was the private secretary to Charles Fillmore, who is regarded as being the Founder of the "Unity Movement." She thereafter left that organization in Kansas City, Missouri to form a school of her own in Chicago, Illinois called the "School of Livable Christianity." (Refer to link and email contact below.)

She was a philosopher, teacher and prolific writer of the many books, pamphlets and papers found on this site. In the Preface of her book, Science of Love and Key to Immortality, Ida Mingle states, "The author's spiritual illumination came as a result of natural unfoldment, tribulations in the flesh forcing the development of devotion toward the spirit of Jesus Christ, who was God to her soul. That the illumination was a living one was evidenced by her being physically healed as well as mentally illumined. This took place after her detachment from the orthodox religious currents, and before she was aware of the existence of the newer modes of religious progression. Because later she was directed in the investigation of the newer religious progressions, it has generally been assumed that her development was derived from this source. Many well-meaning but deluded religious promoters are certain that the author received the foundation of her ideas from the study of their particular literature, whereas the author had never read any religious literature except the Bible prior to her spiritual illumination. Being willing to grow in knowledge and in grace, feeling as a child new-born in an unexplored world, she was glad to investigate the teachings of any cult or creed, but found herself able to discern wherein it measured to or fell short of the Truth of the Creative Principles."

Ida Mingle was born in Coshocton, Ohio on April 26, 1884 to Matt Mingle and Hanna Croske Mingle and died in Chicago on December 27, 1948 from acute left ventricular failure due to hypertensive heart disease caused by bronchial pneumonia. Her ancestry was English, Irish, Scotch and German; she never married.

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